I’ve been reading many misleading posts regarding what transpired at the recent DB meeting in Merti. The general import of these posts are to distort the outcome of the meeting with a view to sowing seeds of discord and mistrust among the general populace. In so doing, these propagandists intend to subvert and eventually torpedo the objectives of the winning side the declaration favoured.
In point, when a stalemate occurred, as it eventually did, after many long and protracted hours of submissions by the respective opposing camps, the host proposed a question to the DB sitting in council that he will decide the matter in a just and fair manner. The council, clearly fatigued by the long and winding negotiations, demurred to the proposal by acclamation, and the host immediately called for a division. A day earlier, 11 older members of the conclave, constituted themselves into something akin to the UK’s House of Lords, or if you like, into our own Mutunga court. It transpired that ten members preferred a Hon. Bahari’s candidature with one dissent. This position of the DB House of Lords, in part influenced the decision to call for a division. The results of the division is not in dispute. Hon. Bahari aka Mfereji won fair and square. The losing team cannot now turn back to change the goal posts by disowning a process they had agreed to. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. They were bound by their own acceptance of the proposal floated by the host. They cannot now turn around and try to wiggle out of a pact they were party to in endorsing just because things didn’t go their way.
This matter is now closed as settled and no appeal can reopen it whatsoever. The law as they say, is an ass.


Author: Whispers from the North

Son of a goat herder who is an extrovert with a knack for Governance, Human Rights, Global politics & conflicts, International World Order, Foreign policy, Diplomacy & International Relations. Nonetheless, I live my life and you live yours.I am not in this world to live up to your expectations.You are not in this world to live up to mine.You are you and I am me. If by chance we find each other, it is beautiful.

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