Why Democracy is not suitable for Kenya- Isiolo

637px-coat-of-arms-detailed-rgb.pngBy Brian Rop- (U-report)

The whole political setting of this country leaves so little to be admired and the analyses that can be given would show we are far from enjoying politics that is geared towards improving the welfare of the community. Devolution ought to have given a big chance especially to counties that have been neglected by every other single regime that came to power and am talking about the Northern Frontier Districts which for now over half a century is being termed as a ‘marginalized community’.

Isiolo County had had a share of shoddy governance and the story of embezzlements of funds has been the talk of the town and heading to the end of Doyo’s reign the residents of Isiolo have little to show and the fruits of devolution are yet to benefit the common ‘mwananchi'(citizen).

In the midst of all of that the latest trip by the Governor, some MCAs, the speaker Mohammed Tupi as well as Nominated Senator Fatuma Dhullo to Dubai was a clear indication of how ill-informed Doyo’s administration is. They termed the trip as a ‘political Strategic meeting’ whatever that means am yet to know and they ended up spending millions while people are suffering.

The rains are causing havocs and roads seems impassable, Sericho and Iresa Boru have water shortage problems that is escalating as days pass by. The people of Bula Pesa are forced to head home before the dark for fear of the only bridge they have being carried away.

Isiolo General Hospital is way below a level four hospital, Kinna dispensary is on the verge of being closed for luck of medicine and all this is happening with the County enjoying a budget of way above 2bn annually. Who is fooling who? Nominated Senator Fatuma Dullo tried to justify the trip to Dubai by saying they went to meet investors and the question is who is she in the county government of Isiolo? Is she the deputy governor? The speaker of county assembly?

I am just wondering she is meeting investors as who? These mind games are not her thing and she made a fool out of herself trying to explain things that make no sense at all. Every single person needs to be accountable for their actions and if things are not right then they need to be ready to accept questions no matter how hard they come. Democracy allows for criticism and it’s the only way these misleaders will be put to test.


Author: Whispers from the North

Son of a goat herder who is an extrovert with a knack for Governance, Human Rights, Global politics & conflicts, International World Order, Foreign policy, Diplomacy & International Relations. Nonetheless, I live my life and you live yours.I am not in this world to live up to your expectations.You are not in this world to live up to mine.You are you and I am me. If by chance we find each other, it is beautiful.

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