By Salad Malicha


It was twists and turns of unprecedented event that has become the order of the day owing to the fact corruption and impunity has been fully entrenched into the establishment and supervised by the current regime of Isiolo County Government. Ironically the supporters of lame duck Governor do not want to hear or turn their ears the other side from the ills committed brazenly by the leadership in place who have exhibited untamed and unbridled greed to deep their hand into a cookie in the jar. Strangely, various stakeholders have called for sanity to prevail in a county which is in constant state of entropy.

The picture above shows the Governor waving into the air as people watch him.

Isiolo County government will and shall never tackle systemic corruption because its top leaders led by one Godana Doyo are beneficiaries of the loot while the downtrodden and hoi polloi’s are deliberately denied basic services with Billions pumped into one of the Northern Frontier County; Isiolo.  The resilient people of Isiolo County were not only concerned about the unprecedented high levels of corruption, but also the “disturbing inaction and indifference by the current limping Doyo regime.” On numerous occasion people have registered their grievances and complaints to relevant government agencies to act on broad day light corruption but their effort turned to be an exercise in futility. It was noted that that there is a serious lapse in governance and work ethics from the onsetIsiolo County government is promoting ethnicity, tribalism and overseeing corruption, and this is a complete failure on the part of Doyo and his henchmen and much worse they are also crafty and enemies of devolution from the beginning. Doyo should take responsibility for the runaway corruption superintended by his inept corrupt public servants supervised by his spouse. Doyo and his ilk lack commitments to fight corruption.

Biliqi Primary Sch in Cherrab.

The minimal investment in education in Isiolo County leaves a lot to be desired. Granted, education is a function of the National government. The Isiolo County Government must however look for more ways to raise the education standards of Isiolo if this county is to emerge from its dark past, bottom line.

Malkagalla Pry School pupils learning in a dilapidated structure

A functional vacuum sets in and one of the attendant possible consequences as nature tries to fill it in absence of recalibration of the County to constitutional requirements is greed! It is illogical to expect the Isiolo County mandarins to pull all the stops to exhaust the brazen embezzlement of devolved funds- including what appear to be prodigious procurements.

Malkagalla Pry school.

Democracies are said to seldom go to war against each other. But democracies are everywhere at war within themselves over corruption. Although political corruption is a lesser devil compared to other threats such as violence, despotism, repression or inequalities. It is a source of tension and instability.

Devolution has presented an opportunity for Kenya to correct its past misdeeds, if the new leadership of the counties does not exploit these opportunities and instead invest their time in unnecessary drama and showbiz, it will be the worst betrayal of a desperate public. And that is what Godana Doyo has perfected it. He has high affinity for tax payers’ funds instead of channeling it towards development programmes. Godana Doyo and his ilk lack commitments to fight corruption by his top leeches and greedy nabobs.

Chumvi Yare Pry. Sch- Pupils learning under a tree

Before I embark on the reality check unfolding in Isiolo County Government, I wish to pin point some of the shocking grey areas that has overwhelmed the Doyo regime in part III of this expose’



Author: Whispers from the North

Son of a goat herder who is an extrovert with a knack for Governance, Human Rights, Global politics & conflicts, International World Order, Foreign policy, Diplomacy & International Relations. Nonetheless, I live my life and you live yours.I am not in this world to live up to your expectations.You are not in this world to live up to mine.You are you and I am me. If by chance we find each other, it is beautiful.

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