IEBC County ICT Officers Job Vacancy in Isiolo, Kenya
Position Title: County ICT Officers – Isiolo

The County ICT Officer will work within a particular County and perform the following duties:

1. To provide first line support on all general and Commission specific software and hardware issues in the County;

2. To communicate information on hardware and software issues to corporate ICT Services;

3. Solve County ICT issues including remote access, emails and telephone;

4. To assist in the selection and disposal of redundant ICT Equipment;

5. To dismantle, move and reassemble ICT equipment as needed and transport ICT equipment to other sites as required;

6. Provide onsite technical support with hardware and software issues where needed, including travelling to other commission sites in their County of responsibility;

7. Provide ICT point of contact to all users and third parties for all County ICT matters, and escalate to ICT at the Headquarters issues that cannot be resolved locally;

8. To ensure the maintenance of a healthy, safe and secure working environment through ensuring compliance with health and safety requirements in relation to ICT; and

9. Implement information security at the County level as directed by the ICT directorate.

The requirements for County ICT Officer are as follows:

1. Degree in Computer Science, ICT or any other equivalent qualification;

2. Full certification in Networks (e.g. CCNA, CCNP) or Microsoft Certification (e.g. Microsoft Certified Professional);

3. Basic hardware troubleshooting and maintenance strongly preferred;

4. Three (3) years relevant experience in a busy organization;

5. Must be a team player, service oriented, eager to learn and pro-active, willing to develop initiatives and stress resistant;

6. Must be a resident of the County he/she is applying for and must attach a copy of the National Identity card.

Click here to apply

1. While on the login screen, click on Register now link and fill all the details, this is to create your Account details for purposes of Login.

2. Follow the process and Login, if successful, it will direct you to user dashboard.

3. Add all the Educational, Professional, Employment History, Integrity, etc data

4. Go to the Complete Menu, and preview your Details, then click on Submit your Application button


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